ACS Statement of Capability

From our head office in Dorset on the south coast of England, we have provided independent professional materials testing and consultancy services to the building, waste, construction and civil engineering industries since 1987. Over the past 30 years, ACS has steadily expanded and developed, now providing a comprehensive UKAS accredited sampling, site testing and laboratory testing service for a wide range of materials, which ACS can translate into interpretive reports to meet our Client’s needs. Our team’s decades of expertise are entirely portable and can be relocated as required.

ACS provide a seamless all-in-one service for physical and chemical laboratory testing to provide certification and reporting for the quality assurance of construction materials as well as to provide information for site investigations, geotechnical and contaminated land assessments, all covered by our professional indemnity insurance. Our mission at ACS is to deliver high quality testing of construction materials for quality assurance purposes and test for substances that may be harmful to health, property and our environment, all the while offering a first-class professional service tailored to our Client’s requirements.

UKAS Testing 0999
UKAS Testing 4150
mCERTs Certification

ACS are also members of the following professional bodies:


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At ACS Group of Companies, we offer our clients a full start to finish professional independent quality assured testing service supported by our partners. Utilising our physical material testing laboratory and our chemical analysis laboratory, we are able to offer our clients a unique one stop shop service when it comes to their material testing requirements.

We test a wide range of materials, mainly including natural and recycled aggregates, bituminous materials, fresh and hardened concrete, soils, stabilised materials, natural stone and ground/surface waters. Our experienced staff will ensure that your testing requirements are clearly understood, efficiently carried out and accurately reported.

Please see below for a list of the services provided by ACS;

  • Leachate & Water Analysis

    Our purpose built analytical laboratory enables ACS Environmental Testing Ltd to provide, in conjunction with our other group companies, a comprehensive sampling, monitoring and analysis service on a wide range of leachate and water samples.

  • Natural Stone Testing

    Our newly refurbished Stone Testing Laboratory has given us the opportunity to expand our testing scope as well as increase production and better improve on our turnaround of samples.

  • Site Laboratory Service

    Over the last twenty-five years, ACS Testing Ltd have supplied custom fitted Site Laboratories with Technicians to many construction sites and projects worldwide.

  • Building and Land Surveys

    We can provide and project manage:

    • Asbestos Surveys
    • Utility Surveys
    • UXO Surveys
    • Building Chemical Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys
  • On-Site Testing Services

    ACS Testing offer a comprehensive range of professional On-Site Testing, all carried out by our fully trained Site Technicians

  • Aggregates & Soils Testing

    From our main Laboratory in Poole, Dorset, ACS Group of Companies provide quality testing and material consultancy for the construction and civil engineering industry.

  • Bituminous Testing

    Bituminous road surfacing materials are produced by mixing mineral aggregate with a bitumen binder in predetermined quantities and within defined temperature ranges.

  • Concrete Testing

    Concrete was the first service to be offered by ACS Testing back in 1987, since then we have increased our scope to cover a wide range of UKAS Accredited testing on fresh and hardened concrete, both on site and in our laboratories.

  • Mortar & Screed Testing

    Mortar has played a major role in construction since ancient times with the oldest example having been found in Israel and thought to date back 10,000 years.

  • Contamination & WAC Testing

    At ACS Environmental Testing we offer an efficient and reliable analysis service using various test leaching procedures specified by the Environment Agency.

  • Chemical Testing

    ACS Environmental Ltd was established in 2007 to complement the physical materials testing service provided by ACS Testing Ltd to offer a range of analytical services to clients in order to meet their overall needs.


ACS offer a comprehensive range of professional On-Site Testing, all carried out by our fully trained Site Technicians. We provide our clients with a UKAS Accredited sampling of materials including Aggregates, Bituminous, Concrete, Soils and Water Monitoring as well as a wide range of In-Situ testing on each of these materials.

We also offer a range of on-site Bituminous Testing (further details on request)

ACS Testing can provide custom site laboratories built to respond to our Clients project needs ranging from small portable containerised laboratories to full replicants of our main Poole laboratory.

ACS have deployed site laboratories worldwide, with projects including Pavement Contracts, Military Airbase Projects, Mining Projects and Flood Alleviation Schemes. Tests carried out in the Site Laboratories are UKAS Accredited and include testing of a range of materials including Aggregates, Bituminous, Concrete, Soils and Waters.

One of the main benefits of our Site Laboratories is that it allows material testing to be carried out rapidly. Without transport time, results become available quicker which give our clients immediate access to an accredited independent testing service to enable fast decisions to be made regarding material compliance and use on site.

What we supply on an On-Site testing laboratory;Benefits of On-Site testing laboratories;
• Rapid deployment by UKAS “Extension to Scope”
• Lab services
• On-site testing
• Fully equipped laboratory
• Accredited training methods for technicians, supervisors and managers
• Dedicated resources
• Complete on-site reporting and certification of results
• Immediate access to expert technical materials testing resources
• No time delays between sampling and laboratory by removing transport.
• Real time consultancy on materials modification due to changes in weather conditions and host materials on site.
• Open facilities which can be visited by construction and design partners to witness testing at any time.


Hemerdon Tungsten Project, UK

Ascension and Falkland Islands

A30 Bodmin to Indian Queens Improvement

Newquay Airport – Runway Resurfacing


Established in November 2006 to meet the increasing demands of the Environment Agency and Construction Industry to understand the impacts of waste and materials on the environment; ACS Environmental took its place within the industry to analyse a wide range of chemical elements typically found in environmental and construction materials. Working in conjunction with ACS Testing, ACS Environmental has established, in our purpose-built laboratory, state of the art preparation, chemical and analytical sections. These have been designed and developed to the very highest standards with the assistance of internationally renowned equipment manufacturers and expert consultants. In designing the laboratory, we considered future development and expansion to ensure that we are able keep up-to-date of the needs of our customers and meet the demand of society to investigate the chemical impacts on the environment to safeguard our future.

ACS Environmental Ltd is a UKAS accredited laboratory (certificate number 4150) and holds certification to MCERTS standards for a selection of analytical methods as detailed on our schedule of accreditation. We have maintained accreditation to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for over ten years.

We offer an in-house analytical testing service to provide impartial and accurate results for the following determinands;

• Metals and Metalloids
• Petroleum hydrocarbons (total, banded and speciated (aliphatic/aromatic))
• Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
• Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)
• Anions (sulphate, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, bromide and phosphate)
• Phenols
• pH & conductivity
• Loss on ignition
• Acid Soluble Sulphate / Chloride
• Organic carbon (total and dissolved)
• Semi volatile organic compounds (SVOC)
• Soil organic matter content
• Laboratory prepared leachate preparation and analysis
• Topsoil Quality Analysis (BS 3882:2015)


ACS offers clients a comprehensive range of professional services to bring together the information of physical properties and chemical testing. Providing consultancy services to the construction, quarrying & waste industries. ACS’s Consultancy services will cater for your site-specific requirements and are able to oversee all aspects of site work. Our consultancy services can be deployed directly to your site through a Satellite Laboratory or Site Laboratory.

ACS’s consultancy services include amongst others:

• Quality compliance and technical consultancy services for trial mixes and certification of Concrete Plants/Mixers
• Material classification consultancy to determine Series 600 Classes which the material can obtain including advice on the suitability of material for addition of binders to produce a stabilised material.
• Provide materials movement management expertise to either act as the materials manager or provide dedicated support to the materials manager.
• Landfill investigation and advice on excavation and relocation including planning, environmental permitting, design, project management and construction quality assurance (CQA).
• A range of services in respect to resource evaluation and minerals safeguarding. We are currently involved in negotiating the full or partial set-aside of mineral safeguarding policies on a number of sites.
• Full waste classification advice in accordance with current best practice including “Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste – WM3” and the “The Landfill Directive” to provide rapid classification advice for the disposal of waste soils and materials from construction sites. In the addition to the above, ACS are able to provide full supporting in the production and implementation of construction waste management plans.
• We can produce, in the form of data and diagrams, earthwork material movement charts and compare with isopachyte drawings to provide interpretation and progress reports.
• The ACS Geo-science team are able to quickly and efficiently produce high quality reports tailored to your exact needs; including desk studies, contaminated land and geotechnical site investigations, borehole drilling, multi-level monitoring well installation; ground gas and groundwater monitoring, quantitative risk assessments, design of remediation schemes and validation sampling and reporting.



Training is carried out in accordance with our Laboratory Quality Manual and assessed by UKAS as part of the ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017 accreditation. ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017 is specifically laboratory accreditation incorporating and exceeding the requirements of ISO 9001.

Every person employed by ACS will receive training to enhance their value to both the company, themselves and society.


All successful holders for the Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card must have passed the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test for their job role. The blue CSCS Card is for skilled workers that have completed an employer-sponsored apprenticeship.

Training is in accordance with our UKAS verified Quality Assurance manual and with CSCS we provide a copy of our UKAS assessment report which shows that UKAS have inspected our training systems as part of the ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017 accreditation.
As part of our Quality Assurance procedures, our systems are inspected by UKAS including training; all as part of 150/IEC17025:2017.


Envirochem Logo

Envirochem provides a reliable and efficient chemical analysis and testing service through their 50 full-time members of staff, including Consultants, Project Managers, Chemists, Analysts, Surveyors and Laboratory Technicians.

Envirochem has been established for more than 25 years, offering a wide range of chemical sampling and analysis to the construction industry, public sector, waste disposal industry and more.

With offices in Hampshire and Bristol, we are able to provide all services nationally.


•       Drinking Water

•       Swimming Pools

•       Legionella

•       Bioaerosols


•       Management surveys

•       Refurbishment Surveys

•       Demolition Surveys

•       Fibre Identification

•       Air Monitoring and Fibre Counting

•       Quantification of Asbestos in Soils

Occupational Hygiene

•       COSHH

•       LEV Testing

•       Emissions Testing

•       Noise and Vibration Surveys

•       Dust Monitoring and Air Quality Surveys

ACS Partners - Types of Testing

Groundscan are the UK’s leading Utility Mapping Survey company offering PAS 128 utility mapping surveys. ACS have a long history of working with Groundscan to commission for our Client’s detailed utility clearance survey drawings


ACS have significant experience commissioning and working with various UXO Risk Management experts including First Line Defence, Brimstone, SafeLane Global to provide provision of unexploded ordnance risk mitigation services for all stages of construction.


ACS have numerous experiences in the commissioning of survey data for earthworks, landfills and development projects including Topographic surveys, Earthwork volumetric surveys, Drone surveys, 3D laser scan surveys and many others with various partnerships established in different regions of the United Kingdom.


Dr. Brian Bone | r3 Environmental Technology Ltd

Brian is an independent consultant who has worked with ACS Testing and ACS Environmental on various projects including, but not limited to: IBAA Leachate and Upflow Percolation testing. Brain’s key areas of expertise include: Contaminated land management, end-of-waste (in particular for industrial residues), groundwater risk assessment and leaching testing applied to waste, soil and construction products. Brian is also a retained consultant to the EU Guidance Committee.

Dr. Mark Andrew | Qa3 Limited

Mark has worked with ACS to develop our quality manual and quality systems to the very high standard which they are today. ACS work with Mark for QA and technical support with Mark’s specialism being to provide technical consultancy and training in all aspects of water sampling and analysis and data interpretation within the oil industry.

Dr. Geoffrey B. Card | GB Card & Partners

Geoff has over 35 years of experience in providing civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering solutions all over the world. He is a recognised expert on the design and construction of development on derelict land such as shallow mine workings, contaminated and landfill gassing sites.