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ACS provide a seamless all-in-one service for Geotechnical and Chemical analysis, Geotechnical and Remediation reporting, design and validation, all covered by our professional indemnity insurance. Our mission at ACS is to deliver high quality testing of materials & substances that are harmful to health, property and our environment, all the while offering a first-class professional service tailoring to our clients requirements.

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Situated on the south coast of England, ACS Group of Companies was formed in 1987 to provide a quality construction materials testing and consultancy business. Over the past 30 years ACS has grown to include UKAS Accredited laboratories for both physical and chemical properties, generally aimed at the Construction and Environmental industry.

ACS has capability in analysis of;

– Primary and Secondary Aggregates
– Stone
– Concrete
– Soils
– Modified and Stabilised Soils
– Bituminous
– Polymer Stabilised Materials

ACS offer these services from their main laboratory in Poole and through our many satellite laboratories both in the UK and abroad.