Waste Classification Suites

Over the past few months it has been clear to see through our clients requirements that more and more landfills are requesting additional testing, in addition to the usual Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) test. The WAC test shows how waste will behave once it has been buried in a landfill, however the WAC test alone cannot be used to determine whether a waste is Hazardous/Non-Hazardous. To determine this you would require a Solids/Air Dried Analysis which include the metals content along with Speciated TPHs & PAHs.

Here at ACS we offer a Waste Classification Suite to meet our client (and the landfills!) requirements, this includes;

Waste Acceptance Criteria Test (WAC)
Solids/Air Dried Analysis
CAT Waste Report (Assigns Hazard Classes to the various substances.)

Please take a look at the below link for more guidance on the classification and assessment of waste.


If you would like to hear more about our Waste Classification Suites and what we can offer here at ACS, please give us a call on 01202 622858 or email us on testing@acstesting.co.uk