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Concrete & Bituminous Drilling

We are equipped to carry out core cutting on bituminous materials, and lean mix, pavement quality and structural concrete. We have the capability to accurately identify the position of reinforcing within concrete structures in order to avoid it during core cutting, if possible.

Concrete & Bituminous Drilling In Depth

We have a wide range of hydraulically driven core cutting equipment, from portable, hand held rigs, through to trailer mounted rigs. ACS Testing provide highly skilled technicians who all hold current CSCS cards and are comprehensively trained in the safety aspects of the work they carry out in accordance with appropriate method statements and risk assessments.


Concrete & Bituminous Drilling

We provide technicians to carry out diamond drilling of hardened concrete & bituminous materials.


  • Availability of a wide range of sizes of core barrels
  • Variable depths with the addition of extension bars
  • Various diamond tips for specific applications
  • Wet coring to reduce dust
  • Diamond drilling for services
  • Stitch drilling
  • Diamond drilling of test core samples from structural concrete, lean mix concrete and pavement concrete
  • Diamond drilling of test core samples from bituminous pavements for examination or compliance testing