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Bituminous Materials Testing

Bituminous road surfacing materials are produced by mixing mineral aggregate with a bitumen binder in predetermined quantities and within defined temperature ranges. Other materials are sometimes added to the mixture, including fibres, polymers and pigments to produce specific performance characteristics.

Bituminous Materials Testing In Depth

At ACS Testing we are UKAS accredited to carry out a comprehensive scope of testing on bituminous materials, on site and in the laboratory. ACS Testing provide highly skilled technicians who all hold current CSCS cards and are comprehensively trained in the safety aspects of the work they carry out in accordance with appropriate method statements and risk assessments.


Site Testing and Monitoring

Site testing and monitoring includes laying records, sampling and temperature measurement for compliance testing, surface texture, rolling straight edge, compaction monitoring and core cutting


  • Sampling from the material around the augers of the paver
  • Sampling of a workable material in heaps
  • Sampling coated chippings from stockpiles
  • Measurement of temperature - of laid materials and in a heap
  • Measurements of temperature - in a wagon
  • Compaction monitoring - nuclear method
  • Texture depth by the sandpatch method
  • Macrotexture depth - volumetric patch technique
  • Surface regularity - rolling straight edge


Laboratory Testing

Our permanent laboratories provide a comprehensive range of tests on bituminous materials.


  • Preparation of samples for determining binder content, water content and grading
  • Soluble binder content by difference, using bottle rotation machine and pressure filter
  • Particle size distribution
  • Maximum density - volumetric procedure
  • Bulk Density - dry, saturated surface dry (SSD) and sealed specimen
  • Laboratory compaction of bituminous mixtures by vibratory compaction
  • Air voids content
  • Conventional refusal density - vibratory compaction
  • Percentage refusal density (PRD) - vibratory compaction