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Environmental Monitoring

We carry out routine monitoring of over 15 landfill sites, conducting site testing for landfill gases, ground and surface water and collection of samples for laboratory testing.

Environmental monitoring can be conducted: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, with accompanying reports completed and results tabulated in electronic format for EA submission or in the Client’s required format.  Our standard results spreadsheets allow easy comparison with site trigger levels as permit failures are highlighted.  Schedule 6 Notifications for permit failures can be prepared.


We regularly monitor:


  • Landfill gases: CH4, CO2, O2, Balance Gases, H2S & CO
  • Gas flow, differential pressure and trend
  • VOC monitoring using PID meter
  • Atmospheric pressure and trend
  • Surface water, groundwater and leachate sampling and site testing for: temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and redox potential using MCERTS accredited equipment.
  • Boreholes dipped for water level and basal levels
  • Low-flow sampling