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Topsoil Quality Analysis

The assessment of topsoil quality is important to any landscaping project, whether for private dwellings, public parks and spaces or construction projects, and the farming community. At ACS Environmental Testing we assess topsoil quality in accordance with the current version of BS3882 (Specification for topsoil and requirements for use), which specifies requirements for topsoil that is moved or traded

Topsoil Analysis

Our topsoil quality analysis service provides suppliers of topsoil with all the relevant data required to produce a "Declaration of Compliance with BS 3882", together with the analytical information. We are also able to undertake testing for potential contaminants in topsoil samples


Classification of Topsoil (conducted in accordance with BS 3882)

At ACS Environmental Testing the following soil testing methods are available.


  • Soil Texture %
    Clay Content
    Silt Content
    Sand Content
  • Soil organic matter content
  • Maximum coarse fragment
  • pH
  • Carbonate %
  • Available plant nutrient content %
    Extractable Phosphorous
    Extractable Potassium
    Extractable Magnesium
  • Carbon / Nitrogen ratio
  • Exchangeable sodium %
  • Chemical contaminants
  • Phytotoxic contaminants
    Zn (nitrc acid extractable)
    Cu (nitrc acid extractable)
    Ni (nitrc acid extractable)
  • Visible contaminants %